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Bringing Your Mortgage Current Through Chapter 13

Financial stress reaches maximum levels when your house is threatened with foreclosure. The thought of losing a valuable and sentimental asset affects not just the homeowner, but their entire family. Options seem limited. A move seems inevitable. However, you can fight to keep the roof over your head with the help of a seasoned bankruptcy attorney.

Northwest Indiana area bankruptcy attorney Jon D. Beaty, the founder of our law firm, brings years of experience in resolving serious financial problems for Indiana residents facing the loss of their homes.

A notice of foreclosure is the first, but not necessarily the final step. You may have time to stop a possible sale of your home on the local courtroom steps. Contact our law office today to explore your options in a free initial consultation.

The Chance to Save Your Home

If part of your goal in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing is to stave off foreclosure, we will communicate your options and the necessary steps that must be taken. You will still be responsible for making future mortgage payments even after filing for bankruptcy. However, past due amounts and delinquent real estate taxes can be modified and rolled into the entire Chapter 13 repayment plan. A second mortgage no longer secured by the value of the property may be stripped away.

The chance to begin anew with a debt repayment plan should include you keeping your house threatened by foreclosure. Far too much is at stake. At the law office of Jon D. Beaty, we can help you take the steps necessary to maintain your residence.

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