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Discharging Credit Card Debt Through Bankruptcy

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Credit card debt can quickly spiral out of control, leaving card holders unable to make payments and deal with credit card debt. Credit card companies market credit cards as tools of convenience, but high interest rates and late fees make these little plastic cards anything but convenient.

Highland credit card debt attorney Jon D. Beaty represents clients in bankruptcy matters, helping them explore their options for seeking debt relief. Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are efficient means of discharging or reorganizing credit card debt. Contact our law office to learn more.

Your Bankruptcy Options

If your credit card debt has skyrocketed out of control, it may be time to talk to a bankruptcy attorney about your options. Two options for relieving credit card debt include Chapter 7 bankruptcy (which discharges debt) and Chapter 13 bankruptcy (in which you typically only pay a small portion of that debt (over three to five years), with the balance discharged at the end of the plan.). We can help you determine which type of bankruptcy is right for you. If Chapter 7 bankruptcy is your best option, you will need to take a means test to determine if you are eligible.

As soon as you file bankruptcy, creditors are required by law to stop all collection actions against you. You will immediately feel the positive effects of bankruptcy. You can start rebuilding your credit. You will get a chance to get back on your feet and start living your life again.

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