Non-Dischargeable Debt Attorney

Not All Debts Are Dischargeable

No matter what type of bankruptcy action we pursue on your behalf, some debts will not be dischargeable. In some cases, the slate cannot be wiped completely clean. Bankruptcy can give people a fresh start toward better management of their debt, whether most are discharged or reorganized.

At the law office of bankruptcy attorney Jon D. Beaty, we give clients the facts. We are candid in what can and cannot happen in a bankruptcy. Regardless of the debt that remains, you can still have a chance to start over with fewer obligations.

Do not let non-dischargeable debt prevent you from pursuing a bankruptcy filing. You have the right to take action, even if some obligations remain. Schedule a free initial consultation in our Highland office.

Your Responsibility for Non-Dischargeable Debt

Common non-dischargeable debt includes student loans and income tax debt less than three years old. A divorce agreement mandating spousal and child support must be enforced as well. An injury to someone caused by an auto accident while driving intoxicated cannot be discharged.

Recent Credit Card or Other Luxury Purchases May Not Be Dischargeable

At the law office of Jon D. Beaty, we encourage our clients preparing for bankruptcy to stop using any credit cards and resist the urge to buy luxury goods or services. There is no such thing as “stocking up” prior to a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 filing. Credit card debt and cash advances over $925 within the 70 days prior to filing for bankruptcy might not be able to be discharged. $650 or more in premium purchases within three months prior to filing bankruptcy may still be the debtor’s obligation as well.

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