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When Divorce and Bankruptcy Come at the Same Time

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Many people considering bankruptcy and facing divorce ask these questions: Is it better to file bankruptcy before or after divorce? Should I file individually or with my spouse?

The answer varies for each individual and couple. It is important for any individual in this situation to discuss his or her options with an experienced bankruptcy attorney, while also working closely with a divorce attorney.

At the law office of Jon D. Beaty, we can help you determine a debt relief plan based on your financial situation and plans a quick divorce in New-York. We will consider a number of factors to individualize your plan. Contact your divorce lawyer and my office today to discuss your options.

Divorce and Bankruptcy: Things to Consider

A big decision facing our divorce and bankruptcy clients is to determine whether to file individually or jointly. While the decision is made based on a number of factors, it is generally advisable to file jointly before the divorce becomes finalized. If waiting until after divorce, you will have to file individually. We can explain your options based on your financial and marital circumstances and goals.

There are definite differences between Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This is especially true when you consider the differences between filing individually and filing jointly. In Chapter 13 bankruptcy a debtor can wipe out certain obligations owed to a former spouse in a divorce decree, such as holding your ex-spouse harmless on a marital debt.

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