Stop Creditor Harassment Attorney

Putting a Stop to Harassing Creditors

You wonder if the telephone will ever stop ringing. Caller ID or no caller ID, you still know that a harassing creditor is on the other end. Stress levels increase with each ring. The last thing you want to do is answer the phone and speak to a collection agency only interested in demeaning and bullying you.

You can take steps to stop the harassment. A Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing stops creditors in their tracks. Contacting bankruptcy attorney Jon D. Beaty, the founder of our law firm, is an important first step in putting an end to aggressive collection actions.

End the harassing telephone calls with a call of your own. Contact our law office today Рfree initial consultations are available.

The End of Creditor Harassment

At the law office of Jon D. Beaty, we file bankruptcy actions that force creditors to cease all contact and harassment related to their collection actions. From that point, any calls are in violation of bankruptcy laws. If they persist, politely refer them to our office and we will remind them of their obligations under the law.

Forcing Creditors to Negotiate, Not Harass

In addition, car repossession and home foreclosure actions must stop as well. You receive an automatic stay. Bankruptcy filings force creditors to the table if you are seeking a repayment plan. They must work in concert with us to determine the best course of action via an affordable and reasonable repayment strategy.

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